IPA-IAG Agreement – Early Career Researcher Conference Travel Grants

Early Career Researcher Conference Travel Grants

Agreement between

the International Permafrost Association (IPA) and

the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG)


This agreement (PDF version) will enhance cooperation between IPA and IAG and is linked to the objectives of the current MOU between the associations.


Both associations wish to encourage the participation of early career researchers in their international conferences and recognize the need to provide travel support for this purpose. In order to enhance interchange between the two associations, each will fund two Early Career Researcher Conference Travel Grants in relation to the other’s international conference.

The grants will be used to support the active participation (oral or poster presentation) of early career researchers whose interests intersect with those of the two associations, generally in the area of permafrost and periglacial research. The grants comprise direct financial support for travel and accommodation of 300€ per person and free participation (waiver of early career researcher registration fees) at:

  • The International Permafrost Conference (ICOP), in the case of early career researcher conference travel grant funded by the IAG
  • The International Conference on Geomorphology (ICG) in the case of early career researcher conference travel grant funded by the IPA.

The two associations organize their International Conferences every four years. For clarity, in the text below, the recipient association is the organizer of the conference and the supporting association provides the financing for the travel grants.

Criteria to receive the award

  • Two early career researchers are eligible to receive support for each International Conference. An early career researcher is defined as an individual currently enrolled as a student in a post–‐secondary institution or having completed their most recent post–‐ secondary degree within the last six years and not holding a tenure–‐track or tenured professorial appointment.
  • The submission and acceptance of an abstract and the active participation in the conference (with oral or poster presentation) are mandatory to receive this support.
  • Early career researchers based in the organizing country for the international conference are not eligible for this support.
  • Applicants for the award must submit their abstract accompanied by a short CV.


  • Publicizing and administering the Early Career Researcher Conference Travel Grants is the joint responsibility of the two associations. Both will publicize the existence of the award in the lead up to the next international conference.
  • Applications will be received by the recipient association.
  • A joint committee, with parity from each association, will decide on who will receive the awards.
  • The supporting association will transfer the required funds to the awardees. The recipient association will waive the registration fees for the awardees.
  • Normally, the recipient association will publicize the nominating association’s contribution in pre–‐meeting or post–‐meeting reports on the conference.
  • The awardees are expected to send a brief report to both associations within one month after Conference. Approved by IPA Executive Committee January 2016 Approved by IAG Executive Committee January 2016
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