EGU / FORM-OSE Post-graduate Training School 2016 – “Landslides and other Geological Hazards in Active Volcanic Environments”

The scope of the Training School is to provide an overview of landslides and other geological hazards processes and their complex interactions and to present a state of the art for concepts, research, models, monitoring techniques/technologies and warning systems. Updated knowledge on traditional and innovative multidisciplinary methods and techniques will be presented. Landslides and their triggering mechanisms, namely rainfall, seismicity and volcanic eruptions, will be explored not restricting their role as triggering factors, but considering all as main characters in a hazardous scenario.

The course will be held on 4-9 July 2016 in the São Miguel Island of the Azores Archipelago, composed by nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Due to its geographical and geodynamic setting it offers a wide diversity of natural hazards. São Miguel is one of the most affected islands by natural hazards, namely by volcanic eruptions, volcanic degassing processes, earthquakes, storms, landslides, floods and tsunamis. Since its settlement, in the 15th century, hundreds of cascade events were responsible for victims and important socioeconomic impact. By this diversity of natural phenomena, this area is considered an important natural laboratory and perfect for the application of several methods and techniques during the course training and field trips.

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The International Association of Geomorphologists offers 1 grants of 400 euros to favour the participation of PhD students in Geomorphology (under 35 years old) worldwide (except Portugal) in the FORM-OSE Post-Graduate Training School 2016.