2nd CIRCULAR for 11th Workshop of the IAG/AIG SEDIBUD Working Group – Baru (Hunedoara County, Romania), 5-8 September 2017


Changing climate and vegetation cover influence sediment dynamics and budgets in high latitude and high altitude cold environments. Interdisciplinary research involving various scientific fields is needed, to better understand the spatio-temporal patterns of geomorphic process activity operating under climate change and varying vegetation cover conditions in the wide range of cold climate environments worldwide.

The 11th IAG/AIG SEDIBUD (Sediment budgets in Cold Environments) Workshop “Relationships between climate change, vegetation cover and sediment fluxes in high latitude/high altitude cold environments” will offer an opportunity for participants to discuss the effectiveness of geomorphic processes under past and present-day climate conditions, by focusing on the complex interactions between the erosional, sediment transfer and depositional processes and the varying vegetation cover. The workshop will be held between 5 – 8 September, 2017 at the Research Station of the Babeş-Bolyai University (UBB), located in Baru, Hunedoara County, Romania.

A one-day field trip will be organized in Parâng Mountains (Southern Carpathians), during which the participants will be presented the morphoclimatic context of the Carpathians alpine areas. Several study sites with past and present-day geomorphic process activity (rockfalls, rock avalanches, debris flows, snow-avalanches, periglacial activity etc.) and the associated landforms will be visited during the field-trip day.

For further information on the Workshop, please visit the IAG SEDIBUD Working Group webpage http://www.geomorph.org/sedibud-working-group/

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