Second call for the Workshop of Geodiversity assessment in mountain areas Kraków-Zakopane (Poland) 25-30 August 2019

We’re pleased to announce the second call for the Workshop entitled “Geodiversity assessment in mountain areas” organised by the IAG/AIG Working Group on Landform Assessment for Geodiversity to be held in Kraków-Zakopane, Poland on August 25-30, 2019. Fieldtrips will be held in Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains.

All those with relevant experience on geodiversity, are encouraged to apply for participation at the workshop. The deadline for application is 15th July. The final list of participants will be decided once all applications have been assessed.

The main goals of the workshop are:

  • Sharing knowledge of many aspects of geodiversity, including mountain areas,
  • Establishment an objective standard for the method of assessing geodiversity,
  • Discussion of geodiversity in different mountain areas (and not only),
  • Geocalculation of geodiversity indexes according to different modes,
  • Verification and interpretation of final maps of geodiversity in the field.

For more details see the PDF file here.


M.A. Alicja Najwer (
Prof. Zbigniew Zwoliński (

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