International Geomorphology Week 2-8 March 2020


We are pleased to launch the International Geomorphology Week of 2020! Proposed at our last Council Meeting, the initiative has been taken up by Young Geomorphologists Forum of the Indian Institute of Geomorphologists who have planned their annual event for this week!

2020 is the first year the International Geomorphology Week has been run, so we want to use the coming year to gather ideas about what we should be doing in 2021. Get in touch with us and start planning your 2021 event now! We aim to make this week a focus for the geomorphological community, so all ideas and initiatives are welcome.

Geomorphology week of the year will be held during the first week of March each year. The week has the aim to promote specific actions with relevance to geomorphology, both at the levels of the IAG as well as each National Scientific Member. Any geomorphological activities held during this week can be declared as part of the International Geomorphology Week.