Reports by Grant Holders – 7th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration

The International Association of Geomorphologists funded the participation of two young Planetary Geomorphologists in the 7th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration held in Ushuaia, Argentina, 13-17 January 2020. The Conference was the latest in a continuing series of conferences intended to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas regarding the polar regions of Mars. The focus was also on terrestrial analogs that enhance the interpretation of remote sensing data from Mars, and on concepts for future missions. The IAG allocated 2 grants of 500€ that were awarded to the following candidates:

1) Mauro Gabriel SPAGNUOLO (Argentinian based in Argentina) whose full report is here.
2) Prakhar SINHA (Indian based in USA) whose full report is here.

Mauro Spagnuolo

Prakhar Sinha

Here are some extracts from their reports:
“At the conference, I had the opportunity to present my experience as a ground and field scientist in simulating rover operations. Moreover, insights from this study could be useful in preparations for addressing challenges associated with rover traverse and target detection on icy-surfaces. Finally, I gained hands-on experience studying geological processes of glacial origin during the field trips organized by the conference to glacial landscapes of southern Patagonia and southern Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina.”  – Prakhar

“The meeting was a unique experience regarding academic aspects since the planetary science meetings in South Amercia are scarce. I had the opportunity to discuss my work with other colleagues and learn new things. It was an excellent opportunity to put me up to date to the state of the art in Martian ices topics. […] Overall, attending the meeting allowed me to learn about new issues, discuss my current work and get in touch with colleagues from different parts of the world for future collaborations. It was a fantastic opportunity that will definitely help my career.” – Mauro

Thanks to the grant-holder and EC member Andrea Coronato for the photos.