Andrey PANIN



of the IAG/AIG Executive Committee


In charge of Regional Conference 2015

ap2Andrey PANIN is a professor of Geomorphology at Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow Sate University, and a Secretary of the Russian Association of Geomorphologists (RuAG). His main subject of research is fluvial geomorphology, river palaeohydrology and geoarchaeology of the Late Pleistocene and the Holocene, application of absolute dating techniques. Regions of current field studies – different areas over the East European Plain, South Siberia mountains (Altai, Sayan-Tuva Highland). His recent publications include co-authoring of three books in fluvial geomorphology (1998, 2004, 2010) and >30 journal papers in Russian, >20 papers in international journals, including Geomorphology, Catena, Global and Planetary Change, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (A), Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Int. J. Earth Sciences, Int. J. Sediment Research, Radiocarbon, Geochronometria, Archaeometry, J. of Geography in Higher Education


Professor Andrey PANIN

Faculty of Geography

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

Lengory 1, 11991, Moscow, Russia

phone: +7-495-9395469, 9392238 (office)

+ 33 6 87 62 87 48 (mobile)

fax: +7-495-9328836 (office)