IAG Geomorph-List

IAG – GEOMORPHLIST is a moderated electronic mail distribution list for geomorphologists and those working in related fields as a service of the International Association of Geomorphologists. It is used for professional communication on topics of interest to geomorphologists. A list of all the posts can be accessed here.

To join and receive messages from the IAG – GEOMORPHLIST… Contact the moderator Dr. Chris Houser and provide the following information:

  • your name
  • your e-mail address

To post messages to the list send mail to: GEOMORPH-L@LISTSERV.UWINDSOR.CA. There are three common types of messages on IAG – GEOMORPHLIST – announcements, requests for information, and discussions. Each has its own protocol:

The list has expressed a preference to NOT receive attachments. Please format your announcement tightly (to save bandwidth/download time) and label it informatively (“Announcement for the list” is NOT informative!). If you have an attachment, please hang it on your own Web site (if possible) and sent the list the link to access it.

When information is desired, please word your message to make that clear. Respondents should do so directly to the e-mail address provided in the message, NOT by using the “Reply” button. [I actually get very few replies to the list considering the number of messages sent – thanks!] As a courtesy to listmembers, please SUMMARIZE the responses back to the list – many of us would like to know what you learned! A complete compilation is not appropriate unless you receive few responses (less than 6?). There are numerous messages from the last few months that piqued my interest, but we’ll never know what you found out unless you tell us!

Given the total number of listmembers (well over 2000), the total intellect represented here is considerable. If you wish to open a debate or discussion, please do so. Just make sure to to identify it as requesting posting to the list, rather than responding to the initiator.