Working Groups

Working Groups can be proposed at any time to the IAG with the purpose of facilitating research on focused geomorphological issues, regions or areas. Working Groups can be proposed by any individual geomorphologist or group of geomorphologists. Proposals should include an introduction to the theme/issue/area, the objective(s) of the Group and an outline of the plan to reach the objective(s). Approval is required by both by the IAG EC and the IAG Council. Each approved Working Group will normally be financially supported for no more than four years in order to facilitate the operation and reporting of the Working Groups.

Each Working Group should provide an annual report of activities together with the completed claim form to the Vice President responsible for the Working Groups and the Secretary General of the IAG. At the conclusion of its four-year term, they should convene a symposium/session at the International Conference on Geomorphology.

The progress report should contain a summary of the WG activities for that year and anticipated activities for the coming year, which could include for example: sessions convened by its members, events organized, special issue/book published, training courses, public outreach, blogs etc… The report will be published on the IAG website and may be disseminated via social media, so please include images in your report.

Any Working Group can apply for their continuation after the completion of their first tenure. If the activities of the Working Group is found satisfactory, continuation may be approved by the IAG EC and the IAG Council without any financial help.

The claim for for working groups can be found here.