Past Working Groups: Regional CAR-BAL-DIN


WG Chair:

Assoc. Prof. Milos Stankoviansky

Bratislava (Slovakia)

The Council of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG/AIG) in its meeting held in the framework of the 6th International Conference on Geomorphology in September 2005 in Zaragoza, Spain, has approved the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Regional Working Group (CBDRWG) as one of new IAG/AIG WGs. The CBDRWG was proposed by geomorphologists of 11 countries associated in the Carpatho-Balkan Geomorphological Commission (CBGC).The CBGC was founded in 1963 on the occasion of a joint symposium “Geomorphology of the Carpathians”, held in Kraków and Bratislava. Its main objective from beginning was to provide a platform not only for the exchange of knowledge and experience concerning the Carpatho-Balkan mountain system and adjacent depressions, but also for the solving of common research tasks. Its members had become gradually Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. After some inertia in the 1990s there is a visible endeavour in the last period to re-activate the cooperation within the CBGC.

The main objective of the Commission under new conditions was again the creation of platform for effective cooperation of the original CBGC member countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania), successor states formed by disintegration of the original CBGC member countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Ukraine), as well as of state which had no chance to be the CBGC member country in the past for political reasons (Austria). To be able to continue in cooperation with successor states of former Yugoslavia, which are not lying in the Carpatho-Balkan mountain system after its division, the study area of the approved IAG/AIG WG was broadened by the Dinarides.


Primary research objectives:

  • Landscape evolution and environmental changes:
    • Climate changes
    • Human impact on landscape
  • Neotectonics
  • Geomorphic hazards
  • Advance in methodology:
    • Regional comparison of dating results
    • Cooperation in monitoring
    • Cooperation in mapping
    • GIS applications


  • Publications:
    • Regional journals:
      • Studia Geomorphologica Carpatho-Balcanica (annually)
      • Romanian Review of Geomorphology (annually)
      • Geomorphologia Slovaca et Bohemica (Geomorphologia Slovacais the older title of this journal)
      • Selected Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric geomorphological bibliography
    • International journals:
      • Geomorphology
      • Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie
      • Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
      • Catena
      • Permafrost and Periglacial Processes
    • Meetings:
      • Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Conference on Geomorphology (Pécs, Hungary, 2007; the next will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic, in 2011)
      • Regional IAG/AIG Conference (Brasov, Romania, 2008) (co-organizer)
      • National geomorphological conferences of member countries
      • Council meetings of the CBDRWG (Olomouc, Czechia, 2006; Pécs, Hungary, 2007; Brasov, Romania, 2008)


  • Special volume of Studia Geomorphologica Carpatho-Balcanica, Vol. XV, 2006, dedicated to the topic “Recent Geomorphological Hazards in Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Region”
  • Special volume of Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Neue Folge, Volume 53, 2009, Supplementary Issue 2, dedicated to the geomorphology in the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Countries
  • Continuous exchange of information on current geomorphological issues
  • Intensification of scientific cooperation among geomorphologists in the region to coordinate the national research and to encourage joint research

Expected results:

  • Monograph Recent Landform Evolution in the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Area edited by A. Kotarba, D. Lóczy, M. Stankoviansky with participation of eleven of the twelve C-B-D countries
  • Regional geomorphic monographs (with an attempt to publish them in the internationally well known publishing houses)
  • Maps (preparation of the uniform legend of general geomorphic hazards map)
International Scientific Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Conference on Geomorphology 
Ostravice, Czech Republic, October 17-20, 2011

The Conference Organizing Committee, on behalf of the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Regional Working Group of the IAG (CBDRWG), has the pleasure to invite all geomorphologists and others in related fields to participate in the scientific and social programme of the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Conference on Geomorphology. The Conference will take place in Ostravice village (Czech Republic) in the heart of the Beskydy Mountains in October 17–20, 2011.

International Workshop on Loess Research and Geomorphology
Pecs, Hungary, October 17-21, 2010

The Workshop Organizing Committee, on behalf of the IAG/AIG Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Regional Working Group, the Loess Focus Group of INQUA and the Carpatho-Balkan Geomorphological Commission (CBGC), has the pleasure in inviting all loess scientists and geomorphologists, and others in related fields to participate in the scientific and social program of the International Workshop on Loess Research and Geomorphology.

It is necessary to study the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric mountain system and adjacent depressions as a unit, as many of investigated phenomena (e.g. tectonics, hazards) are of transboundary character. Doing so it will be possible to compare disparities of geomorphic evolution in its northern and southern parts as a result of specific course of both endogenous and exogenous processes, in the latter ones under the influence of different climatic conditions. The regional correlation will require the compatibility of monitoring methods and creation of uniform GIS by participating countries.

The main expectation of geomorphologists from Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric countries after the approval of the CBDRWG is the raising the chance to fulfil the above plans. The WG is open to all geomorphologists working in the given region.


Participating countries and national representatives in the CBDRWG Council:

Austria: Prof. Christine Embleton-Hamann
Bulgaria: Dr. Mariyana Nikolova
Croatia: Prof. Andrija Bognar
Czechia: Dr. Karel Kirchner
Hungary: Dr. Janos Kovacs
Mecedonia: Dr. Ivica Milewski
Poland: Dr. hab. Zofia Raczkowska
Romania: Prof. Dan Balteanu
Serbia: Dr. Jelena Calic j.calic@sezampro.yu
Slovakia: Dr. Jan Lacika
Slovenia: Assoc. Prof. Karel Natek
Ukraine: Dr. Andriy Mykhnovych

Finally, let me invite geomorphologists and other scientist interested in the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric region to co-operation with our CBDRWG. Feel free to contact us.

Assoc. Prof. Milos Stankovianskye-mail
WG Chair