The IAG as a founding member of the IUGS Deep-Time Digital Earth (DDE) Consortium

It is with great pleasure that we have received and accepted the invitation from the IUGS (The International Union of Geological Sciences) to be one of the founding members of the IUGS Deep-Time Digital Earth (DDE) Consortium. The IAG will be represented at the first meeting of Consortium to be held in Beijing on 26-28 February

The Deep-time Digital Earth project is being developed as the first Big Science Program to be recognized by IUGS. The DDE proposal has been recently approved by the IUGS EC. It will build on more than several decades of programs promoted by IUGS in collaboration with UNESCO and other organizations including the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP), the Global Sedimentary Geology Program (GSGP), International Geoscience and Geopark Program (IGGP), the Commission of the Geologic Map of the World (CGMW), Global Geochemical Baseline (GGB), International Lithosphere Program
(ILP), and OneGeology.

The primary goal of the Deep-time Digital Earth project is to develop an open platform facilitating efficiency and effectiveness of utilization of varieties of digital earth data with proper temporal and spatial reference according to paleogeology and paleogeography rather than to today’s geology and geography.

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