IAG Video Contest – winner January-March 2024

The winner of the IAG Video Contest for the period January-March 2024 is Raúl Pérez López (Spain)! Find below his video and descriptive text.

If you want to participate in the contest, find the rules, guidelines and details on the procedure here.

A volcanic bomb field

by Raúl Pérez López, Spain

During the 2021 eruption in La Palma (Canary Islands), vigorous strombolian activity unleashed volcanic bombs around the cinder cone. The impact craters on the tephra deposits bear witness to the sheer force, yet amid this chaos, a mesmerizing pattern emerges. As the strombolian jets soared to heights of 300 meters, bombs of spatter and basalt were hurled into the air, creating a dense field surrounding the cone’s crater.
Regrettably, these ephemeral volcanic formations have since succumbed to natural erosion, with the once prominent bomb field now obscured beneath layers of subsequent tephra deposits. Scientists have intervened to remove larger projectiles, while those that remained were gradually buried under layers of ash and lapilli, their shapes reshaped by relentless winds and heavy rains. Fortunately, we are left with footage capturing the spectacle.