IAG Awards

IAG /AIG Awards: purpose and policy



Honorary Fellowship definition from Constitution

The IAG may confer Honorary Fellowship upon individuals who have served The Association or the discipline of geomorphology with particular distinction. Honorary Fellowship shall be regarded as the highest honour that IAG can bestow.

Selection Policy

There are no rules given in the Constitution with respect to selection of candidates for the award. However, over the years, precedents have been established. These are that the IAG President makes the decision after wide confidential consultation with those people they consider to be national or internationally recognized authorities in geomorphology. The principal criteria that have now become established are that, in order to be considered, the recipient must have made an outstanding contribution to geomorphology by way of scientific or academic excellence, sustained over a long period e.g., a professional life time, and that they must have demonstrated their support for IAG or an adhering national body. Such support need not be through holding office and may be recognized by such activities as presentation of papers at IAG or adhering body meetings. It is also expected that the recipient would meet the approval of the national adhering body with which they are associated.
Awards are presented at the First General Assembly of the IAG Quadrennial Conference. Traditionally these have been recognised by the presentation of a walking stick.
For those about to receive a fellowship, the costs of attending the Quadrennial meeting are generally met by IAG.




This award is named in honour of Professor Denys Brusnden who was the primary instigator of the International Association of Geomorphologists. He was the first president of IAG (1989-1993), became an Honorary Fellow in 1997 and has maintained his efforts on behalf of the Association throughout his entire career. The award was initiated at the Executive Committee in Addis Ababa, 22 February 2011 and agreed to at the IAG Executive meeting held in Vienna, 21 April, 2012. The award was presented for the first time in Paris on 27 August, 2013.


The purpose of this award is to recognise sustained and outstanding service to geomorphology by an individual or organisation, in accordance with the objectives of IAG/ AIG as outlined in the constitution.

Criteria from the Constitution:

a) the development of geomorphology through international co-operation.
b) promotion of the study and development of geomorphology in all aspects
c) fostering and dissemination of Knowledge of geomorpholology.

In respect of this award, service may be interpreted broadly as any activity considered by the Executive Committee of IAG, as providing outstanding benefit to the IAG or wider geomorphological community.


The nominations may be made by any member (elected or co-opted) of the Executive Committee and must be submitted to the General Secretary of IAG three months prior to the penultimate meeting or the Executive Committee (the penultimate meeting is usually held 12 months prior to the Quadrennial Conference).
The recipient of the award will be determined by the elected members of the Executive committee, at or before the Penultimate executive meeting.
The award will be recognised by a medal inscribed with the date and recipient’s name, and place of conference.
The award will be presented by the President or their nominee at the General Assembly of the Association, held during the Quadrennial conference.
For those about to receive the ward, the costs of attending the Quadrennial meeting are generally met by IAG.




In order to honour the achievements and spirit of the French geomorphologist Jean TRICART (1920-2003), the French Geomorphology Group (GFG), in agreement with the IAG, has created the Jean Tricart Scholarship that is awarded every four years, on the occasion of the International Conferences on Geomorphology.


This prize is offered in recognition of the outstanding research carried out by Jean Tricart in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Therefore the designated IAG-grant holder is from one of these continents.