Tectonic Geomorphology Working Group



Gran Sasso Range (Central Apennines, Italy)           Photo by M. Della Seta

WG Chairs:

Prof. Paola Fredi
Rome (Italy)

Prof. Efthymios Karympalis
Harokopio University of Athens (Greece)


Prof. Giandomenico Fubelli
Università di Torino (Italy)


Introduction to WG activity

International literature testifies to the wide scientific interest on the understanding of mechanisms that drive interactions among Earth surface processes and tectonic/climate forcing, as well as their mutual feedback relationships. Therefore, considerable research has been focused on the development of tools and methods for deciphering the geomorphic evidence for the time/space interactions between climate and tectonics. The complex interaction between regional and local tectonics (regional uplift/subsidence and faulting), morpho-climatic factors, and rock types causes differences in both erosional/depositional and gravitational slope processes related to drainage evolution and slope dynamics in response to local and regional base level changes and to differential rock uplift. Such a dynamic response leaves (sometimes subtle) fingerprints on the landscape, which can testify also to the presence of hazardous phenomena, related to tectonics (e.g., earthquakes and volcanic events), gravity (landslides), and climatic events. Typically blending of geomorphological characterization and of dating (relative and absolute) is required to define geomorphic markers that are useful to constrain progressive landscape evolution, to estimate intermediate time-scale erosion and/or deposition rates, and to make geomorphology an increasingly quantitative disclipline. By characterizing geomorphic features like drainage network, hillslopes, and geomorphic markers, tectonic geomorphology focuses on the development of qualitative/quantitative tools for defining the effects of active tectonics on landscapes and for reconstructing the tectonic record through interpreting deformed landscapes. Given the rapid growth of new tools and persepctives (e.g., DEMs, geodesy, cosmogenic nuclides, analytical algorithms, numerical modeling, quantitative stratigraphy) to decipher the influence of tectonics in shaping landscapes and to define tectonic histories though landscape analysis, the IAG Tectonic Geomorphology WG was established with the following general aims:

1. methodological improvements as result of comparison and integration of different approaches and disciplines

2. promoting international cooperation, training activities, and thematic workshops.


The original proposal to establish Tectonic Geomorphology Working Group was endorsed by a number of individuals who are listed at the end of this message. However, the activity of WG is open to everyone from international Earth Sciences community. Anyone interested in getting involved, please contact the Chair of the Working Group.

Initial Organising Group

  • Paola Fredi (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy)
  • Monique Fort (Université Paris Diderot – Paris VII, France)
  • Giandomenico Fubelli (Università di Roma TRE, Italy)
  • José Miguel Azañón Hernandez (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
  • Francisco Gutiérrez (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
  • Stefano Gori (INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy)

  • The Tectonic Geomorphology WG,  in cooperation with the GM Division of the EGU, organized a session for the 9th IGC (http://www.icg2017.com/). Session S33: Tectonic Geomorphology (IAG-EGU Joint Session) (chairs: Prof. Peter VAN DER BEEK; Prof. Monique FORT; Dr. Marta DELLA SETA)             THE DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS APRIL 30 2017!

Activities 2016

  • The Tectonic Geomorphology WG organized a session for the 2016 General Assembly of European Geoscience Union (EGU2016). Session: Geomorphic response to active tectonics: numerical and field-based approaches (chairs: Prof. Marcello SCHIATTARELLA; Prof. Alain Demoulin; Prof. Jean BRAUN; Dr. Vivi PEDERSEN; Dr. Liran GOREN)

Activities 2015

Activities 2014

– Join the WGTG session at 9th IGC! 



Bashir AHMAD (India)
José Miguel AZAÑON HÉRNANDEZ (Spain)
Domenico CAPOLONGO (Italy)
Marta DELLA SETA (Italy)
Francesco DRAMIS (Italy)
Carlo ESPOSITO (Italy)
Emanuela FALCUCCI (Italy)
Monique FORT (France)
Paola FREDI (Italy)
Giandomenico FUBELLI (Italy)
Anneleen GEURTS (Norway)
Ivo GIANO (Italy)
Marco GIARDINO (Italy)
Liran GOREN (Israel)
Stefano GORI (Italy)
Francisco GUTIÉRREZ (Spain)
Efthymios KARYMBALIS (Greece)
Elvidio LUPIA PALMIERI (Italy)
Enrico MICCADEI (Italy)
Paola MOLIN (Italy)
Gilberto PAMBIANCHI (Italy)
Vivi PEDERSEN (Norway)
José Vicente PERÉZ PEÑA (Spain)
Tommaso PIACENTINI (Italy)
JunJie REN (China)
Adriano RIBOLINI (Italy)
Michele SAROLI (Italy)
Marcello SCHIATTARELLA (Italy)
Francesco TROIANI (Italy)
Konstantinos TSANAKAS (Greece)
Nelly VALKANOU (Greece)