Training Programme

IAG started to systematically deal with TRAINING activities for YOUNG GEOMORPHOLOGISTS after the Tokyo International Conference on Geomorphology (2001).

We define YOUNG GEOMORPHOLOGISTS as undergraduate or postgraduate students or scientists who have received their highest degree (i.e. BSc, MSc or PhD) within the past seven years.

Provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.

This replaces the previous age-limit of 35 years old that we applied in the past.

Since 2002 IAG has supported 179 YOUNG GEOMORPHOLOGISTS from 56 countries with 197 GRANTS.

GRANTS are offered to favour the participation in:

  • IAG conferences/workshops/symposia/courses
  • events held under the auspices of IAG
  • joint initiatives with other associations/institutions
  • meetings of the IAG Network of Young Geomorphologists’ Groups

Training activities supported by IAG are aiming to help Young Geomorphologists to:

  • increase their knowledge and experience in geomorphological research
  • discuss their learning and research experience with young colleagues from different countries
  • meet experienced scientists and young researchers in an informal setting, which favours scientific discussion