International Geomorphology Week 2024


International Geomorphology Week is 1st to 7th March 2024. Its aim is to promote geomorphology in all its forms, and mobilise the geomorphological community. Any geomorphology-themed activities held during this week can be declared a part of the International Geomorphology Week.


IAG Regional Webinars

Please join us for one or more of the IAG’s regional webinars – registration is at our Eventbrite page. The regions listed indicate the National Scientific Members to which the speakers belong, but anyone from any country is welcome to attend any webinar!

  • Friday 1st March 9:00 UTC – Western EuropeFind the programme here.
  • Friday 1st March 15:00 UTC – Southern EuropeFind the programme here.
  • Saturday 2nd March 6:00 UTC (11:30 IST) – South & West AsiaFind the programme here.
  • Monday 4th March 7:00 UTC (9:00 CAT) – AfricaFind the programme here.
  • Monday 4th March 16:00 UTC (8:00 PST / 11:00 EDT) – North AmericaFind the programme here.
  • Tuesday 5th March 4:00 UTC (15:00 AEDT / 17:00 NZDT) – OceaniaFind the programme here.
  • Tuesday 5th March 16:00 UTC (13:00 UTC-3) – Central & South America. Find the programme here.
  • Wednesday 6th March 6:00 UTC (15:00 JST) – East & Southeast AsiaFind the programme here.
  • Wednesday 6th March 13:00 UTC – Northern EuropeFind the programme here.
  • Thursday 7th March 11:00 UTC – Eastern Europe. Find the programme here.

Other events

Please let us know about any event you are running associated with International Geomorphology Week!

  • Friday 1st March 7:30 UTC: Xth AIGeo Italian Young Geomorphologists’ Day & IIIrd IAG International Young Geomorphologists’ Meeting. Organised by AIGeo and sponsored by the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics (DAIS) of Ca’ Foscari University. Theme is: “Climate change and the role of early career geomorphologists”. Find the flyer here, the programme here, and register here.
  • Monday 4th March 13:00 UTC: webinar of the Polish Association of Geomorphologists, held by the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies from the University of Warsaw. Find the flyer here with all connection information, and access the webinar here.
  • Tuesday 5th March 8:00 UTC: GeoVT webinar on “Virtual Field Trips in Environmental Studies”. Held in the frame of the activities of the EU-funded Erasmus+ Project “Training new generations on geomorphology, geohazards and geoheritage through Virtual Reality Technologies”. Find the website here and register here.
  • Friday 8th March 9:00 UTC: 4th Women in Geomorphology Workshop. Organised by the Hellenic Committee for Geomorphology and Environment of the Geological Society of Greece. Find the website here and the programme here. Find also the concluding video of the Workshop below.