International Geomorphology Week 2023


International Geomorphology Week is 1st March to 7th March 2023. Its aim is to promote geomorphology in all its forms, and mobilise the geomorphological community. Any geomorphology-themed activities held during this week can be declared a part of the International Geomorphology Week.

IAG Regional webinars

Please join us for one or more of the IAG’s regional webinars, registration is at our Eventbrite page. The regions listed indicate the National Scientific Members to which the speakers belong, but anyone from any country is welcome to attend any webinar!

  • Wednesday 1st March 09:00 UTC (14:30 IST) – South & West Asia. Find the programme here.
  • Wednesday 1st March 15:00 UTC (07:00 PST/ 10:00 EDT) – North America. Find the programme here.
  • Thursday 2nd March 05:00 UTC (16:00 AEDT / 18:00 NZDT) – Oceania. Find the programme here.
  • Thursday 2nd March 13:00 UTC – Southern Europe. Find the programme here.
  • Friday 3rd March 06:00 UTC (8:00 CAT) – Africa. Find the programme here.
  • Friday 3rd March 13:00 UTC – Northern Europe. Find programme here.
  • Friday 3rd March 17:00 UTC – Central and South America. Find the programme here.
  • Monday 6th March 07:00 UTC (16:00 JST) – East and Southeast Asia. Find the programme here.
  • Monday 6th March 11:00 UTC – Eastern Europe. Find the programme here.
  • Tuesday 7th March 14:00 UTC – Western EuropeFind the programme here.

Other events

Please let us know about any event you are running associated with International Geomorphology Week!

  • Monday 27th March 16:30 UTC (10:30 CDT): first meeting of GeomorFORUM of the University of Memphis (USA). It is a biannual meeting aiming at gather students studying geomorphology in various aspects. Find the flyer here.
  • Thursday 2nd March 18:00 UTC: Tectonic Geomorphology Working Group Webinar. The IAG WG is organising a series of webinars under the auspices of the Hellenic Committee for Geomorphology. The first webinar of the series will be given as part of the International Geomorphology Week 2023 – find the flyer of the first webinar here, and the agenda of the whole series here. Register by following the Eventbrite link here.
  • Thursday 2nd March (9:30 CET): Workshop of the SP-Heritage project. Two sessions of talks, on ‘Past sea-level and climatic changes as influences to prehistoric human population‘ and ‘Prehistoric cultural transitions recorded in coastal areas‘. Find the website of the project here, and the full programme here.
  • Friday 3rd March 14:00 UTC (15:00 CET): Inauguration of the ‘Winter School on Geomorphological Mapping’, organised by the University of Camerino (Italy) and promoted by the Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology (AIGeo), the Italian IAG National Scientific Member. Find the inauguration programme here, and the School programme here.
  • Wednesday 8th March 09:00 UTC: 3rd Women in Geomorphology Workshop. Organised by the Hellenic Committee for Geomorphology and Environment of the Geological Society of Greece. Find the website here and the programme here.
  • 10, 17 & 31 March 13:00 UTC (10:00 UTC-3): series of three webinars organised by the Asociación Argentina de Cuaternario y Geomorfologia (AACyG), the IAG National Scientific Member for Argentina. Talks will be given in spanish. Here is the flyer in english and spanish.