Geomorphology and Society: Past, Present and Future Working Group

WG Chairs:

Margreth Keiler, University of Bern, Switzerland (

Sanja Faivre, University of Zagreb, Croatia (

Secretary General:

Sven Fuchs, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria (

Introduction to WG activity

The joint IGU-IAG Commission/Working Group was established with the name: ‘Geomorphology and Society: Past, Present and Future’. In recognizing that we now live in a world in which the relationship between environment and society has fundamentally changed due to the nature and scale of the human footprint on the planet, the joint IGU-IAG Commission/Working Group adopted the following objectives:

  • – To develop an international network of scientists with common interests in geomorphology and, in particular, the complex, integrated and dynamic nature of the relationship between landforms, landform processes and people.
  • – To encourage teaching, research and outreach on topics including inter alia landform evolution, landscape sensitivity and resilience, geohazards, geoheritage, geomorphological responses to (and evidence for) environmental change, and applied geomorphology.
  • – To share relevant data and to foster the exchange of information through a website, regular newsletters and social media etc.
  • – To stimulate interaction with and among young and early career scientists and those from the developing world.
  • – To develop joint international research projects and arrange conferences, field and laboratory training workshops and summer schools.
  • – To support applied geomorphological research in way that builds gateways to policy makers and societal engagement.

– To contribute special paper sessions and symposia at the Congresses and Regional Conferences of the International Geographical Union and the International Association of Geomorphologists.

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Last WG Annual Reports:

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