Planetary Geomorphology Working Group


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WG Chair:

Dr. Tjalling de Haas

Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Introduction to WG activity

Unprecedented high spatial, temporal and spectral resolution data from planet, moon, asteroid and comet surfaces in our solar system are being returned by satellites, landers and rovers. These data allow the identification of a range of active and relict geomorphic processes that include impact cratering, aeolian, fluvial, lacustrine, deltaic, mass wasting, rock breakdown, glacial, periglacial, and coastal. While the landforms appear similar to those on Earth, there are issues of equifinality in addition to important differences in denudation rates, landform scale and indeed geomorphic processes. In addition to experimental and modeling studies, Earth field analogs are often used to better understand geomorphic processes on other planets and stronger collaboration between the two communities is needed. Our National members organize special sessions at national meetings to stimulate discussion of ideas and theories that will improve our understanding of geomorphic processes and the links between process and form on planetary surfaces. The group is probably best known for the monthly “Planetary Geomorphology Image of the Month”, which had a whopping 17,000 hits in 2014 alone! Visit the website of the WG on Planetary Geomorphology to see the latest “image of the month” and the group’s publications and meeting updates.

National Representatives, Country:

  • Chair: Tjalling de Haas (The Netherlands)
  • Mark Bishop (Australia)
  • Gordon Osinski (Canada)
  • Abdallah S. Zaki (Egypt)
  • Antoine Séjourné (France)
  • Daniela Tirsch (Germany)
  • Senthil Kumar (India)
  • Mary Bourke (Ireland)
  • Colman Gallagher (Ireland)
  • Goro Komatsu (Italy)
  • Hirdy Miyamoto (Japan)
  • Sebastiaan de Vet (The Netherlands)
  • Frank Eckardt (South Africa)
  • Andreas Johnsson (Sweden)
  • Susan Conway & Matt Balme (UK)
  • Heather Viles (UK)
  • Vic Baker (USA West)
  • Jim Zimbelman (USA East)
  • Henrik Hargitai (Hungary)

Planetary Geomorphology Image of the Month

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