Executive Committee

The following Executive Committee of the IAG/AIG was elected at the 8th International Conference on Geomorphology in Paris for the period 2013-2017


from left: Denis Mercier, Marta Della Seta, Piotr Migon, Heather Viles, Asfawossen Asrat, Andrey Panin, Morgan De Dapper, Eric Fouache, Xiaoping Yang, Mauro Soldati, Irasema Alcantara Ayala, Sunil Kumar De.


President: Prof. ERIC FOUACHE (France)
Vice-President: Prof. MAURO SOLDATI (Italy) – Training Strategy and Young Geomorphologists
Vice-President: Prof. IRASEMA ALCANTARA AYALA (Mexico) – International Relations and communication promoting Latin America
Vice-President: Prof. XIAOPING YANG (China) – Working Groups. Asia and Pacific
Secretary General: Prof. SUNIL KUMAR DE (India) – International Conference 2017
Treasurer: Prof. MORGAN DE DAPPER (Belgium)
Publications Officer: Prof. EMMANUEL REYNARD (Switzerland) – Newsletter
Co-opted members: Dr. ASMA AL-FARRAJ ALKETBI (UAE) – Regional Group Middle East
Dr. ASFAWOSSEN ASRAT KASSAYE (Ethiopia) – Africa – Creation of African Regional Groups
Prof. DENIS MERCIER (France) – Fund Raising
Prof. PIOTR MIGOŃ (Poland) – IUCN
Dr. ANDREY PANIN (Russia) – Regional Conference 2015
Dr. MARTA DELLA SETA (Italy) – Website and training
Prof. HEATHER VILES (UK) – International Publishing
Dr. CHRIS HOUSER (USA) – USA and IAG Geomorph-List moderator



Executive Committe Meetings:

Paris, August 31, 2013


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