IAG Auspices and Support

Organizers of geomorphological conferences, symposia, workshops and intensive courses can ask for:

  • IAG Auspices: you can use the IAG logo and advertise your event via our website and social media – for small events we can provide limited webhosting (e.g. providing a webpage with conference information).
  • Financial support: this usually comes in the form of grants for young geomorphologists (details here), but please contact us for other requests.

Any proposals for financial support should be submitted to the IAG Executive Committee ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE, and can be considered at any time.

Events with auspices or support should supply a report of their event to the IAG within three months.

Recent events that have received grants and/or auspices include:

  • Workshop “The role of Geomorphology in Modern Society”, Athens, Harokopio University, April 26, 2020.
  • Three day Training Programme for Indian Young Geomorphologists, March 3-5, 2020.
  • First cameroonian Conference on Geomorphology, Yaoundé, under the topic “Landscape and Landforms of Cameroon” from 29th September to 2nd October 2020.
  • First joint IAG GeoNor / IAG GeoNorth Meeting, Trondheim, Norway 1-2 October 2020.
  • 36th Session of the International Geological Congress, Delhi (India), March 2-8, 2020. 
  • 4th World’s Large Rivers Conference, Moscow (Russia), August 2020.
  • 8th Italian Young Geomorphologists Day, Milan and Val Veny (Italy), June 26-28, 2019.
  • 13th International Conference on Military Geosciences, Padova (Italy), June 24 – 28, 2019.
  • 3rd Field Course on Geomorphology and Quaternary of Patagonia for Brazilian Geologists and Geographers, March 11-17, 2019. Report.
  • 15th East Eurasian International Workshop on Present Earth Surface Process and Long-term Environmental Changes in East Eurasia, Busan (Korea) October 8-12, 2018.
  • 1st Workshop of the IAG/AIG Working Group DENUCHANGE: Denudation and Environmental Changes in Different Morphoclimatic Zones, Storkowo and Szczecinek (Poland), September 25-27, 2018. Report.
  • 7th Congreso Argentino de Cuaternario y Geomorfología, “Geocuar 2018, Puerto Madryn (Argentina), September 18-21, 2018. Report.
  • 3rd Annual Meeting of the IGCP Project 639 “Sea Level Change from Minutes to Millennia“, Taranto – Siracusa (Italy), September 16-23, 2018.
  • 8th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks, Adamello Brenta Geopark (Italy), September 11-14, 2018.
  • 1st edition of the Romanian Young Geomorphologists Day, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), July 13, 2018. Report.
  • 19thJoint Geomorphological Meeting, Buzău (Romania), May 16-20, 2018. Report.
  • BSG-Windsor (UK), December 2017 and 2018. 2017 Report, 2018 report.