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Francisco Gutiérrez (b. Salamanca 1969) studied Geology at the Universities of Zaragoza (Spain) and Aberdeen (UK). He is currently Full Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences in the University of Zaragoza. Francisco was the Secretary of the 6th International Conference on Geomorphology (Zaragoza, 2005) and served as Treasurer of the IAG between 2005 and 2013. His main research topics include karst, slope movements, tectonic geomorphology and geomorphological mapping, and has conducted investigations in various regions (Alaska, Rocky Mountains, Colorado Plateau, Malta, Zagros Mountains, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain). He has published more than 95 papers in journals included in the Journal Citation Report. Francisco is member of the Editorial Board of the journals Geomorphology and Environmental Earth Sciences, and has co-edited eleven special issues for international journals. Has co-edited the book Landscapes and Landforms of Spain (Springer) and is co-author of the book Landforms of the Earth (Springer). Recently, expert appointed by the International Court of Justice.


Prof. Francisco Gutiérrez

Edificio Geológicas

Universidad de Zaragoza

C/. Pedro Cerbuna 12

50009 Zaragoza (Spain)

Phone: +34 976 761090