IAG GRANTS for the 8th International Conference on Geomorphology Paris, France, 27-31 August 2013

A remarkable number of applications for IAG grants for the Paris Conference was received. Out of 97 applications received, 70 were eligible for grant awarding. The process of grant acceptance has been completed and the final list of the IAG grant holders is reported. The Selection Committee appointed by the IAG Executive Committee assessed the applications and finally 20 Young Geomorphologists under 35 years old have been supported. They came from 12 countries with a Purchasing Power Parity below 16,000 international dollars. Reports by the grant holders are linked aside.

Among the IAG grant holders, the Jean Tricart Scholar has been nominated in occasion of the 1st General Assembly and a prize has been offered by the French Group of Geomorphology (GFG). This prize has been offered in recognition of the outstanding research carried out by the French geomorphologist Jean Tricart (1920-2003) in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
The designated Jean Tricart Awarded is Danang Sri HADMOKO, from Gadjah Mada University, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


  1. ALEXSANDR Orkhonselenge (Mongolia) Report 
  2. ANGHEL Titu (Romania) Report 
  3. BANDYOPADHYAY Shreya (India) Report 
  4. DIAS NERY Tulius (Brazil) Report 
  5. GREEN Andrew (South Africa) Report 
  6. HADMOKO Danang Sri (Indonesia) Report 
  7. IOANA-TOROIMAC Gabriela (Romania) Report 
  8. IOSIF Daniel (Romania) Report 
  9. JOUBERT Rebecca (South Africa) Report 
  10. LISTO Fabrizio (Brazil) Report 
  11. LU Hongua (China) Report 
  12. NEHME Carole (Lebanon) Report 
  13. RAZAK Khamarrul (Malaysia) Report 
  14. REN Xiaozong (China) Report 
  15. SEPEHR Adel (Iran) Report 
  16. TEMOVSKI Marjan (Republic of Macedonia) Report 
  17. TRIPATHI Manisha (India) Report 
  18. ZANGMO TEFOGOUM Ghislain (Cameroon) Report 
  19. ZHANG Deguo (China) Report 
  20. ZHOU Gongdan (China) Report 

Mauro Soldati
IAG/AIG Training Officer

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