Reports by Grant Holders – IAG GRANTS for Windsor 3-6 December 2018

Giulia Iacobucci and Lidia Selmi were awarded grants by the IAG to attend the BSG Post-Graduate Training Workshop held in Windsor, UK from 3rd to 6th December 2018. Their full reports can be found here:

Here are some highlights:

From Lidia “we had the occasion to present our own PhD project, with students that have similar interests. In my opinion, this was a real useful session, because we presented the project in a small group and we had time to share experiences and advices”

“In fact, not only the ‘organized’ talks were fundamental, but also the tasty coffee breaks or the after dinners, when, in front a cup of tea or playing a match at the ping pong table, I had the occasion to talk informally with professors, to get to know other students better and to share with them experiences, fears and ideas.”

From Giulia “The most remarkable thing is the possibility of public speaking: I have prepared two talks about my PhD project, one presented to all attendees and the other one to a small group, giving you suggestions or asking questions. Moreover, a third talk has been prepared with other students: it is a great experience in which you have to present a research project about a topic far from your area of interest and within only two hours.”

“Besides the public speaking, you have also the opportunity of knowing the PhD experiences of the Post-doctoral researchers, which give you precious advice and report their personal challenges and opportunities, also considering the mental stress and health connecting problems.”