Reports by Grant Holders – IAG GRANTS for Windsor 9-12 December 2019

Gregor Luetzenburg and Francis Matthews were awarded grants by the IAG to attend the BSG Post-Graduate Training Workshop held in Windsor, UK from 9th to 12th December 2019. Their full reports can be found here:

Here are some highlights:

From Francis: “Upon arrival, the impressive buildings and outdoor grounds set a relaxing scene and give the feeling of being on a quintessential English country estate. After an initial gathering on Monday afternoon over one of many cups of tea and cake, we were given a talk about the rich history of Cumberland Lodge…”

From Gregor “Twenty-two early PhD students stayed in a royal ambience and we philosophized about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our PhD projects.”

From Francis: “Alongside important learning, the workshop gave the brilliant opportunity to have fun and bond with other PhD colleagues”

From Gregor: “Delicious food as well as tea in the afternoon and beer in the evening offered the perfect framework to exchange ideas, network with fellow PhD students and chat about life in academia. “