IAG Photo Contest – winner May 2024

The winner of the IAG Photo Contest in May 2024 is Furkan Karabacak (Türkiye)! Find below his photo and descriptive text.

If you want to participate in the contest, find the rules, guidelines and details on the procedure here.

Badlands – a fascinating landscape formed by multi-processes

by Furkan Karabacak, Türkiye

The Nallihan badlands area is a landscape that makes you feel like you are on another planet. It is located in an extremely arid area in the interior of the Anatolian Orogenic Plateau, Türkiye. The badlands is composed of a Paleocene-aged conglomerate, marl, clay and sandstone terrestrial series, and its morphology is characterised by steep slopes, a thin regolith layer, and high drainage density. With its fascinating forms caused by differential erosion and colors reflecting various paleo-environmental conditions, this area is also a favorite spot for geomorphology enthusiasts.