Coastal Geoarchaeology Working Group

WG Chairs:

Pietro P.C. Aucelli (
Parthenope University of Naples (Italy)

Teresa Bardaji (
University of Alcalà, Madrid, Spain

Hayley Cawthra (
Council for Geoscience Western Cape office, South Africa

Gaia Mattei (
Parthenope University of Naples, Italy

Introduction to WG activity

Coastal Geoarchaeology working group aims to create an interdisciplinary scientific community, which will discuss issues related to past anthropized seascape reconstructions and their evolution through time. We want to create a network of junior and senior researchers that includes archaeologists and geoscientists interested in the modelling of paleo-coastal processes and the reconstruction of the coastal zone evolution and related human adaptations, paying special attention to the technological content. During its meetings, the Coastal Geoarchaeology working group points to fuel the discussion on specific research topics:

  • Geoarchaeological studies of coastal areas: from field data to modelling approaches
  • New technologies for paleo-landscape reconstruction in anthropized coastal areas
  • Assessment of human adaptations to past and recent climate and sea-level changes
  • New perspectives for anthropized paleo-landscape reconstructions
  • Response and resilience of ancient societies against quick to sudden sea-flooding by extreme wave events (e.g. tsunamis, tropical cyclones, etc.)
  • Past interactions between human societies and coastal processes

The planned activity of our WG are:

  • Organizing workshops and online meetings to support the continuous interaction between members, involving PhD students and ECRs will have dedicated sessions to present and discuss their research;
  • Organizing thematic sessions at the main international geoscience congresses such as EGU, IAG Regional Conference and International Conference;
  • Setting a Special issue to share scientific articles on coastal geoarchaeology;
  • Creating online channels to foster the exchange of information through a website, regular newsletters, social media etc;
  • Strengthening the collaboration with other IAG WGs such as Rocky Coasts WG, Submarine Geomorphology WG and Geomorphology and Society WG, eventually via joint events.

During each of the workshops, the involved PhD students and ECRs will have dedicated sessions to present and discuss their research.