Reports by Grant Holders – IAG GRANTS for “Geocuar 2018” 18-21 September 2018

Reports on the 7º Congreso Argentino de Cuaternario y Geomorfología: “Geocuar 2018”

Mosaic of images from Geocuar 2018 held in Argentina 18-21 September 2018, compiled by Igor Pessoa.

Igor A. Pessoa, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)

I would like to thank the International Association of Geomorphologists for the student travel grants to participate in the 7o Congreso Argentino de Cuaternario y Geomorfología, “Geocuar 2018” organized by Argentine Association of Geomorphology and Quaternary Studies (AACG). During the conference I met Dra Andrea Coronato, and after we talked about the intentions of IAG, I become member of the Argentine group.  My idea now is to become an active member in both groups (Brazilian and Argentine) to promote the IAG initiatives between the Young Geormophologists.

In the conference I presented my work in the Antropoceno poster session, I was also able to attended the mid-day field trip, the short course about Biomineralization and environmental studies (class by Dra. Margarita Osterrieth and Dra Natalia Borrelli), and the post-meeting field trip in the Peninsula Valdés region. I am glad to announce that I received the premium of best poster presentation in the Antropoceno session where I could share my experience with analysis of Pb isotopes in marine bivalve shells by LA-ICP-MS (Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry), using bivalve shells as a proxy of Pb pollution to address the source of lead pollution in marine ecosystems.

In brief, the IAG student travel grants promotes a chance to culturally enrich both professional and personal experiences. It comes as a benefit to the Young Geormophologists careers and promoting a good opening to meet new people. Finally, I would like to share some pictures of “Geocuar 2018” meeting with the members of IAG.

Gabriel Gómez Szmulewicz, Universidad Austral de Chile

My experience at the GEOCUAR 2018 conference was very enriching. On the one hand I gained experience in the poster presentation, but more important than that was the contact and relationship with colleagues of other nationalities who work on similar topics but who have different perspectives and experiences. With regard to the organization, I would like to greet and congratulate those in charge who made everything excellent, both in the presentations and poster sessions, as well as in the meals, in the camaraderie dinner and in the field. On the other hand, the meeting we had with Dr. Andrea Coronato was very fruitful to learn about the mechanisms and advantages of actively participating in the IAG. The three Chileans that participated were very enthusiastic about promoting and organizing the young geomorphologists of our country and thus develop more intensively the discipline.

Finally, I would like to thank the economic help the IAG gave me to participate in the GEOCUAR congress, since without it y couldn´t travel. I hope to keep in touch and to forge new South American relations.