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Portugal International Conference 2021 (10th ICG)

Lúcio Cunha-1LÚCIO José Sobral da CUNHA is full professor in Physical Geography at the Department of Geography and Tourism (Faculty of Letters – University of Coimbra) and researcher at the Center for Studies in Geography and Spatial Planning (CEGOT), where he coordinates the line 1 – Nature and environmental dynamics.

He was president of the Portuguese Association of Geomorphologists (2003-2005; 2013-15) and of the National Commission of Geography (2012-2016), and co-ordinator of the Centre of Studies on Geography and Territorial Planning – CEGOT (Universities of Coimbra, Oporto and Minho; 2013-2016).

His geomorphological research interests are karst and fluvial geomorphology, historic geomorphology, natural risks and geomorphological heritage, having developed his work in the Central Portugal, but also in Brazil and in Cabo Verde.


Professor Lúcio Cunha

Department of Geography and Tourism,

Faculty of Letters – University of Coimbra

Pç Porta Férrea, 3004-530 Coimbra, Portugal

phone: +351 239 859900

mobile phone: +351 93 9352662

Email: luciogeo@ci.uc.pt; luciogeopt@gmail.com

Web: http://faculty.uc.pt/luciogeo