IAG GRANTS for WGTG Summer School 2016 – “Alps vs. Apennines: Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains”, Italy: Western Alps-Central Apennines, 2-9 July 2016

The International Association of Geomorphologists offered 2 grants of 400 euros to favour the participation of Young Geomorphologists (under 35 years old) worldwide (except Italy) in the Summer School 2016 organized by the IAG Tectonic Geomorphology Working Group “Alps vs Apennines: Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains”.

For further information on the Summer School, please visit the IAG Tectonic Geomorphology Working Group webpage http://www.geomorph.org/tectonic-geomorphology-working-group/

A Commission appointed by the IAG Executive Committee received 4 eligible applications by candidates from 4 different countries, among which the winners of the IAG Grant are:

  • Gen LI (China)
  • Milena ROZYCKA (Poland) | REPORT


Mauro Soldati

IAG Vice-President and Training Officer