Call for IAG Grants – 1st Workshop of the IAG Working Group DENUCHANGE

1st Workshop of the IAG Working Group DENUCHANGE: Denudation and Environmental Changes in Different Morphoclimatic Zones

Storkowo-Szczecinek (Poland), September 25-27, 2018

The International Association of Geomorphologists offers 4 grants of 150 euros to favour the participation of Young Geomorphologists (under 35 years old) from Europe (but not mainly based in Poland) in the 1st Workshop organized by the IAG Working Group DENUCHANGE, to be held in Storkowo-Szczecinek (Poland) on September 25-27, 2018.

The Workshop aims at the better understanding of possible effects of ongoing and accelerated environmental changes on present-day denudational processes and familiarization with systematic and quantitative studies (environmental monitoring) on the actual drivers of denudational processes in differentiated landscape controls.

The organization of the event includes initiatives specifically dedicated to Young Geormophologists and in particular calculation of chemical and mechanical denudation rates as well as carrying out GIS-hydrological modelling using the SWAT model.

For further information on the Workshop, please contact Dr. Joanna Gudowicz (

Applicants (with a special interest in geomorphological topics to be proved by their CV) are requested to submit the following files before 25 August 2018:

– Application form (doc) (pdf);

– Short CV (maximum 2 pages long), including up to 10 papers;

– Copy of valid passport / identity card;

– Abstract submitted (or to be submitted) to the Workshop.

The above mentioned documents should be submitted to the IAG grant office at (please specify IAG Grant – DENUCHANGE 2018 in the subject of the accompanying e-mail).