The First GeoNorth-GeoNor Conference

The IAG was pleased to provide its auspices for the first GeoNorth-GeoNor Conference, which was held virtually from 1st to 2nd October 2020. The theme was “Geomorphology and Geomorphological Research in the Nordic Countries” and the book of abstracts can be found here. The conference had varied and exciting science talks and the IAG was pleased that its president and one of the vice-presidents were among the attendees (and are grateful for being given some time to talk about the IAG).

GeoNor and GeoNorth were formally established one year ago as National Members of the IAG. GeoNor is the Geomorphological Research Group of Norway – Geomorfologisk Forsknings Gruppe i Norge and GeoNorth is the Nordic Network of National Geomorphology Groups from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden IAG (new Nordic Regional Group).

Future meetings are planned to be in person to include fieldtrips and we are sure that this will be the first of a long-running and growing series of meetings. We are confident that these fledgling NSMs will foster collaborations between their geomorphologists and those in the wider IAG network.