Reports by IAG Grant Holders – BSG Post-Graduate Training Workshop (Windsor, UK, 5-8th December 2022)

The workshop attendees with Prof. John Wainwright (photo from the report of Maƚgorzata Szczypińska).

Maƚgorzata Szczypińska and Alessia Sorrentino were awarded grants of 300€ each to attend the Post-Graduate Training Workshop organised by the British Society for Geomorphology (BSG), more specifically Dr. Lucy Clark and Prof. John Wainwright. With this grant, they stayed four days in Windsor (UK) at the Cumberland Lodge. Their full reports can be found in PDF here:

They both highlight the great working environment at Cumberland Lodge, which gave off “professionalism combined with a friendly, supportive atmosphere”.  They were also very happy with the content of the lectures: topics were “important” and sometimes “not always discussed”, for instance the presence of predatory journals in the system of research publication. Concerning the socialisation, Alessia judged “crucial” the numerous activities and breaks with the groups, and Maƚgorzata appreciated to “confront [his] research experiences” with other PhD students. Overall, they both report a very good experience, which notably helped them to “feel more comfortable with [their] skills” and gave them “tips and tricks” to help them during the completion of their PhD.