17th East Eurasia International Workshop – Kunming, China (8-12 October 2023)

The IAG is happy to endorse the 17th East Eurasia International Workshop! Organised notably by the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology (Chinese Academy of Science), this event will take place both online and in person in Kunming (China), on 8-12 October 2023. This event aims at sharing cutting-edge and recent advances in that domain, as well as encouraging collaboration and networking among researchers.

The focus of that edition is ‘Present Earth Surface Processes and Long-term Environmental Changes in East Eurasia‘, with highlights given to:

  • Paleoecology, paleolimnology and paleoenvironment;
  • Present lake-catchment processes: observation and measurement;
  • Present and past environmental changes and natural hazards;
  • Lacustrine sediment chronology;
  • Interaction of natural and human-induced ecosystem changes;
  • Global and regional environmental changes;
  • Modeling and forecasting environment changes.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission is 1st August 2023. The Workshop will include regular scientific sessions and plenary sessions, field excursions (karst landforms and Cambrian paleontology), as well as social events. The registration fees are 2000 RMB/290 US$ for in-person participation (including registration and lunch), and are free for online participation. The field excursion fees are 1000 RMB/145 US$ (including 1.5-day trip, lunch, dinner).

Find all details, including contact addresses for registration, on the brief circular or on the full circular.