Report on the IGI YGF 4th Intensive Training Program for the Young Geomorphologists

Group photo on the Yamuna River terrace, Kalesar, Yamunanagar, Haryana, India

The Young Geomorphologists Forum (YGF) of the Indian Institute of Geomorphologists (IGI) organised its 4th Intensive Training Program for Young Geomorphologists. It took place at the Centre for the Study of Regional Development of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, on 28 November to 1 December 2023. Participants also participated in a field trip in Kalesar, Yamunanagar, Haryana.

The Intensive Training Program was focused on the theme “Methods of Geomorphological Mapping and Geochronology“, and aimed at training Young Geomorphologists to geomorphological mapping supported by OSL and geochronology dating techniques. The event was divided into four parts: an inaugural session, lecture session & training in the OSL and Geochemistry laboratory, intensive field exercises, and a session on post-processing of collected field data.

Among the 60 applications were selected 25 participants from 16 different institutions. Feedback from the participants is overall extremely positive – find the full report here.