Launching International Geomorphology Week 2021


International Geomorphology Week is celebrated during the first week of March of each year. Its aim is to promote geomorphology in all its forms, and mobilise the geomorphological community in general. Any geomorphology-themed activities held during this week can be declared a part of the International Geomorphology Week.

The first International Geomorphology Week was held in 2020 and despite the Covid-19 pandemic a few successful initiatives took place, including the Intensive Programme for the Young Geomorphologists of India (see:

For International Geomorphology Week 2021 the IAG will be organising regional geomorphology webinars, so please watch out for future announcements!

We are also keen for IAG National Scientific Members and Working Groups, academic institutions and research teams to organise their own events in 2021. We encourage initiatives around the theme of Women in Geomorphology, because in 2021 International Women’s Day falls within International Geomorphology Week. The type of events can be diverse (conferences, meetings, lectures, round tables, intensive courses etc.). So, please get in touch with us ( and start planning your 2021 event now! We aim to make this week a focus for the geomorphological community, so all ideas and initiatives are very welcome.