10th IAG International Conference on Geomorphology – 12-16 Sept 2022

The 10th IAG International Conference on Geomorphology will take place in Coimbra, Portugal on 12-16th September 2022, on the wide topic of “Geomorphology and Global Change“. 25 Thematic Sessions are planned, covering a wide range of subjects from Experimental Geomorphology, to Wildfires and Soil Erosion, to Geoarchaeology to Planetary Geomorphology. There will be 4 fieldtrips prior to the conference, and 4 other ones after the conference. A one-day mid-conference fieldtrip (on 14th) is also planned. These fieldtrips will allow participants to discover the geomorphologically rich surroundings of Coimbra, and many other Portuguese geomorphological sites of interest… Find more detailed information as it becomes available at the conference website https://www.icg2022.eu/.

If you are interested in participating, please help us to plan for the conference by filling in this online form!


Thematic Sessions

  1. General and Historical Geomorphology
  2. Methods and Techniques in Geomorphology
  3. Experimental Geomorphology
  4. Geomorphological Mapping, GIS, Remote Sensing and Modelling
  5. Forms, Processes and Landscape Change
  6. Climatic Geomorphology
  7. Mountain Geomorphology
  8. Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology
  9. Tectonic and Seismic Geomorphology
  10. Fluvial Geomorphology
  11. Aeolian Geomorphology
  12. Marine and Coastal Geomorphology
  13. Volcanic Geomorphology
  14. Karst Geomorphology
  15. Weathering, Soils and Landforms
  16. Biogeomorphology and Wetlands
  17. Applied Geomorphology
  18. Hillslope Processes and Landforms
  19. Geomorphological Hazards and Risk Management
  20. Wildfires and Soil Erosion
  21. Sustainability in Geomorphology: Anthropocene and Urban Geomorphology
  22. Geoarchaeology
  23. Connectivity in Geomorphology
  24. Geoheritage, Cultural Geomorphology and Geotourism
  25. Planetary Geomorphology

Pre-conference fieldtrips

  • Cape Vert – Fogo Island (Volcanism, Natural Hazards)
  • Azores Islands (Volcanism, Geoheritage)
  • Gerês Mountains (Geomorphologic Landscapes, Geoheritage)
  • Schist Mountains of Central Portugal (Structural Geomorphology, Slope Instability, Natural Hazards)

Mid-conference fieldtrips

  • Serra da Estrela (Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology, Geoheritage)
  • Arouca Geopark (Geoheritage, Geopark)
  • Littoral and Bairrada (Coastal Dynamics, Coastal Erosion and Hazards)
  • Limestone Massifs of Central Portugal (Karst and Palaeokarst)
  • Coimbra City (Cultural Geomorphology)

Post-conference fieldtrips

  • Alentejean and Algarve Coasts (Coastal Erosion and Hazards)
  • Minho (Portugal) and Galicia (Spain) Regions (Coastal Dynamics, Coastal Hazards, Coastal Zone Management)
  • Serra da Estrela (Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology, Geoheritage)
  • Lisbon Region (Structural Geomorphology, Slope Instability, Coastal Dynamics, Natural Hazards)