International Conference on “Managing Mediterranean Mountain Geoheritage” – Manteigas, Central Portugal, 6-7 May 2017

The conference includes a full-day with oral and poster communications, and key-note lectures and one-day field trip in the Serra da Estrela Aspiring Geopark.

Oral and poster presentations on Mediterranean mountains on the following topics, are welcome:

– Geoheritage as a catalyser of scientific research;

– Advances in geoheritage: research and applications;

– Good practices on managing geoheritage;

– Innovation in mountain tourism and sustainability;

– Geotourism: success stories;

– Promoting endogenous products;

– Empowering women;

– Education and outreach in the geosciences.


Deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2017


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International Workshop on Urban Geomorphological Heritage – Rome, Italy, 27-29 October 2016

Co-organised by the University of Rome La Sapienza, the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia and the University of Lausanne, under the auspices of the Working Group on Geomorphosites of International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG), the European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage (ProGEO), the Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology (AIGEO) and the Associazione Italiana di Geologia e Turismo, this workshop aims at sharing research and methods on urban geomorphological heritage.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • geomorphological analysis in urban environment
  • methodologies for the assessment and mapping of urban geomorpho-sites
  • urban geotourism
  • interpretation and popularization of urban geomorphosites
  • relationships between cultural and geomorphological heritage in cities
  • conservation of geoheritage and urban growth
  • geoheritage and urban planning

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Workshop on “Seafloor exploration and surveying techniques for the Earth Sciences: the state-of-the-art” at the 35th International Geological Congress 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa


Sunday 28 August 2016


Aaron Micallef

Organized in the frame of the 35th International Geological Congress 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa, this course will cover the state-of-the-art, principles and methodologies of seafloor and sub-seafloor surveying and exploration relevant to the Earth Sciences. Participants will be introduced to a range of geophysical, visual and seabed sampling techniques, as well as commercial and open-source software for data manipulation, processing and visualisation. By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of the basic theoretical concepts and operational foundation of seafloor mapping, which will be relevant for both commercial and academic assignments.

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EGU / FORM-OSE Post-graduate Training School 2016 – “Landslides and other Geological Hazards in Active Volcanic Environments”

The scope of the Training School is to provide an overview of landslides and other geological hazards processes and their complex interactions and to present a state of the art for concepts, research, models, monitoring techniques/technologies and warning systems. Updated knowledge on traditional and innovative multidisciplinary methods and techniques will be presented. Landslides and their triggering mechanisms, namely rainfall, seismicity and volcanic eruptions, will be explored not restricting their role as triggering factors, but considering all as main characters in a hazardous scenario.

The course will be held on 4-9 July 2016 in the São Miguel Island of the Azores Archipelago, composed by nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Due to its geographical and geodynamic setting it offers a wide diversity of natural hazards. São Miguel is one of the most affected islands by natural hazards, namely by volcanic eruptions, volcanic degassing processes, earthquakes, storms, landslides, floods and tsunamis. Since its settlement, in the 15th century, hundreds of cascade events were responsible for victims and important socioeconomic impact. By this diversity of natural phenomena, this area is considered an important natural laboratory and perfect for the application of several methods and techniques during the course training and field trips.

For further information on the Summer School, please visit:

The International Association of Geomorphologists offers 1 grants of 400 euros to favour the participation of PhD students in Geomorphology (under 35 years old) worldwide (except Portugal) in the FORM-OSE Post-Graduate Training School 2016.

WGTG Summer School 2016 – “Alps vs. Apennines: Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains”

WGTG Summer School 2016

“Alps vs. Apennines: Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains” – Italy: Western Alps-Central Apennines, July 2-9, 2016

The Summer School is intended for students and early career scientists involved in tectonic geomorphology studies. It aims to offer a comprehensive overview of pioneering techniques, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches for meeting the growing needs of knowledge on both long-term tectonic uplift and sudden geomorphological changes.

The Summer School includes lectures (2 days), laboratory and field activities (4 days). A group of experts from different countries will present the state of the art on tectonic geomorphology and related methods. Case studies from a diversity of geomorphotectonic environments will be analyzed and discussed. A rich programme of field activity will be developed both in the Western Alps, symbol of a long-term evolution orogen, and in central Apennines, where recent seismicity (L’Aquila earthquake, 2009) caused casualties, damages and sudden geomorphological changes.

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1st Circular_(Updated) – The deadline for EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION has been extended to APRIL 29, 2016!

registration form (doc)

registration form (pdf)

The International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG/AIG) will offer 2 grants of 400 euros to cover the registration fee to YOUNG GEOMORPHOLOGISTS (under 35 years old) worldwide (except Italy) who are willing to take part in the Summer School.


The 33rd International Geographical Congress “Shaping Our Harmonious Worlds” – August 21-25, 2016 – Beijing, China

33rd IGC, August 21-25, 2016 – Beijing, China

The theme of the 2016 Congress is Shaping Our Harmonious Worlds, which highlights today’s common pursuit for harmony between humankind and nature, between environment and society, and for harmonious approaches to the world’s hazards and conflicts. Under this theme, five Congress key topics will be focused, parallel to the quadrennial meeting of the IGU commissions and task forces. In addition, a rich variety of field excursions will be organized so as to provide participants a chance to appreciate some of the unique natural features and cultural traditions of this ancient and modern country.

The International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG/AIG) is a scientific organisation, whose principal objectives are the development and promotion of geomorphology as a science through international cooperation and dissemination of knowledge of geomorphology. It will organise four Geomorphology sessions at the 33rd International Geographical Congress with the aim to strengthen links between geomorphologists and the community of Geographers.

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Littoral 2016 “The changing littoral. Anticipation and adaptation to climate change” – October 24-27, 2016 – Biarritz, France

Littoral 2016 “The changing littoral. Anticipation and adaptation to climate change” – October 24-27, 2016 – Biarritz, France

13thconference of the traditional biennial international event of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC). This NPO/NGO was founded in 1989 to promote coastal conservation and sustainable development. It wanted to bridge the gap between scientists, environmentalists, site managers, planners and policy makers. It is presently the largest network of coastal experts in Europe with 15 national branches and several regional offices (the last one “EUCC-Centre Atlantique” was created in 2015 in Biarritz). EUCC-France, the French branch, is proud to organize this conference in Biarritz.

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5th National Meeting of the Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology (AIGeo) – Cagliari, Italy, September 28-30, 2015


The Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology (AIGeo) organizes every tree years a National Conference. The 5th Conference will be held in Cagliari from 28 to 30 September 2015.


AIGeo gives a large importance to the growth of young researches and periodically organizes a Young Geomorphologists’ Day. The aim of this event is to support young researchers’ growth also through direct exchanges of scientific results and research methods in Geomorphology. The 5th AIGeo National Conference will also host the:

6th Young Geomorphologist’s Day


FORMOSE Post-graduate Training School: Costal hazard assessment and management, Caen, France, 19-25 June 2011

The Training School was organized by the European Centre on Geomorphological Hazards (CERG, Strasbourg, France) – which is one of the centres of the EUR-OPA Agreement of the Council of Europe – in close collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics (ICoD, Valletta, Malta) and the European Centre on Coastal Risks (CerCo, Biarritz, France). The aim of the course was to provide the participants with updated knowledge on traditional and innovative multi-disciplinary methods and techniques for the analysis of geomorphological coastal instability processes and related hazards and risks.

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International Colloquium “OL’MAN RIVER” – GEO-ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASPECTS of RIVERS and RIVER PLAINS – Ghent, Belgium, 22-24 September 2006

The first two days of the colloquium speakers of different countries will present (in English and French) interdisciplinary case studies from a wide time-frame. The geographical context is not limited but focus will be on the Mediterranean area. Simultaneously an important poster session will be organised. On the optional third day, a geo-archaeological excursion in Flanders is programmed.

Darjeeling & Sikkim Himalayas 2004

The Indian Institute of Geomorphologists (IGI) organized the IAG Symposium on Geomorphology & Environment (27th-29th February, 2004) and International Workshop on Landslides in Darjeeling & Sikkim Himalayas, India (1st-6th March, 2004).
For further information, please contact:
Dr. Sunil Kumar De
Rameshpally, 11 No. Rail Gate, Nabapally, Barasat, Kolkata – 700 126, INDIA, phone (Re): +91-33-2542-7159, mobile: +91-94341-15485, fax: +91-33-2826-3164, E-mail

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