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Mexico City 2003

The IAG Regional Conference on Geomorphic hazards: towards the prevention of disasters was held in Mexico City from October 27th to November 2nd, 2003.

The Conference was aimed to geomorphologists and professionals in related disciplines interested in geomorphic hazards, and environmental topics related to disasters, to exchange techniques, experience, knowledge, and ideas in geomorphic hazards and related issues in an effective and friendly atmosphere.

Paricutin Field Trip report | Sierra Norte de Puebla Field Trip report

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Dornbirn 2002

IAG Symposium on the Relationships between man and the mountain environment in terms of geomorphological hazards and human impact in Europe,
Dornbirn (Austria), 14 July 2002

Within the framework of the “Year of the mountains”, an IAG SYMPOSIUM was held in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg, Austria) on Sunday 14 July 2002, thus linking the foregoing UNESCO Summer School with the CERG Intensive Course.

CERG-Intensive Course


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Addis Abeba 2002

The United Nations has proclaimed 2002 as the International Year of Mountains (IYM) to increase international awareness of the global importance of mountain ecosystems. In this frame, the IAG International Symposium on ‘Climate Changes, Active Tectonics and Related Geomorphic Effects in High Mountain Belts and Plateaux‘ was a tools to understand the triggering factors and the evolution of extreme natural events due to climate variability and seismic/volcanic phenomena, in order to assess and mitigate natural hazards.

Conference was co-sponsored by INQUA Commission on Neotectonics W.G. ‘Mountain Building’, Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology and Belgian Association of Geomorphologists.

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Nanjing 2000

The IAG Thematic Conference on Geomorphology “MONSOON CLIMATE, GEOMORPHOLOGIC PROCESSES AND HUMAN ACTIVITIES” was held in Nanjing, China, August 25-29, 2000.



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4th ICG – Bologna 1997

The 4th International Conference on Geomorphology was held at Università di Bologna in Bologna, Italy, from August 28 to September 3, 1997. It was rganised by the Gruppo Nazionale di Geografia Fisica e Geomorfologia, Italia.

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Budapest 1996

The IAG Regional Conference on Geomorphology and the Changing Environment in Europe was held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and Veszprem, Hungary, April 9-12, 1996.



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